Storytelling and sports have always been my passions. I merged the two interests and have now been a sports reporter for eight years, covering mostly hockey but also lacrosse, baseball, soccer and rugby league. While writing is my focus, multimedia journalism has always called to me. In addition to shooting sports pictures for the last five years, I have also shot and edited video and broadcasted games for all four years of college.

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I have been taking hockey photographs since the fall of 2012, when I began shooting Boston University hockey. I have spent the past three years photographing Princeton hockey for my website, college hockey and recently the NWHL. While most of my photography is for Eye on the Tigers, some of my work has appeared on College Hockey News and the Victory Press.

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I host and produce two podcasts – Stick To Sports and The Podcast That Ruined College Hockey.

Stick To Sports features a mix of “politics” and sports and places and emphasis on athlete activism. I discuss a variety of topics and occasionally interview guests. I also created a companion newsletter that breaks down the weekly happenings in politics, sports and politics and athlete activism.

The Podcast That Ruined College Hockey is my show about Big Ten hockey. In addition to weekly breakdowns of the league, teams and standings I talk with  college hockey experts and reporters for their perspective on the conference and its teams.