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Currently I manage social media for my Princeton Hockey Blog as well as my jewelry business, Based In Wire.

For Eye on the Tigers, I use Twitter, Vine, Instagram and Facebook:


  • Post in-game updates
  • Share breaking news
  • Publicize stories, features and infographics
  • Tweet images optimized for social media


  • Publicize blog content, including breaking news
  • Share infographics
  • Post videos



  • Share goals
  • Post old highlights


  • Share exclusive, in-game highlights
  • Post behind-the-scenes looks to Snap Stories


  • Share quotes, photos and Gifs

For Based In Wire, I used Vine, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook:


  • Capture creative stop-motion videos featuring beads


  • Share pins about organizing, cleaning and other jewelry tips
  • Post pins of finished products


  • Create and share fun pictures
  • Post pictures of jewelry in progress as well as finished pieces


  • Share blog posts and other content
  • Publicize pictures


  • Publicize posts and photos
  • Share custom-made jewelry

As the social media coordinator for WTBU Sports, I managed WTBU Sports’ Twitter and Facebook accounts. I also created and use WTBU Sports’ Instagram and Storify accounts and designed those social media logos as well as its Facebook page cover photo.

Since inheriting Twitter and Facebook in the late spring of 2011, I have implemented various new content plans. Here is the synopsis of how I use each of WTBU Sports’ social media accounts:


  • Tweet Fact of the Day and Picture of the Day
  • Tweet in-game updates
  • Organize Twitter Takeovers where BU athletes tweet from @WTBUSports to share unique experiences
  • Generate fan interaction through questions, Trivia Tuesday questions, Fact or Fiction Friday
  • Publicize all articles, broadcasts, live blogs and other WTBU Sports coverage/events


  • Post Fact of the Day and Picture of the Day
  • Generate fan interaction through polls about BU athletics, Trivia Tuesday questions, Fact or Fiction Friday
  • Publicize all articles, broadcasts, live blogs and other WTBU Sports coverage/events


  • Post Picture of the Day that engages fans by asking questions such as, “Which BU athlete is this” or “Which arena was this photo taken at”
  • Post pictures from various BU sporting events


  • Archive all Twitter Takeovers

I initiated Twitter Takeovers, which features current, former or future Terrier athletes taking over @WTBUSports in June 2012. I reached out to Terrier recruit Doyle Somerby to tweet during the NHL draft in Pittsburgh and since then have reached out to other current and former Terrier athletes take over the Twitter account

You can find all the Twitter Takeovers I have organized on WTBU Sports’ Storify page, but here are some examples:

Men’s hockey forward Sahir Gill

BU alum Kevin Shattenkirk

Here is how I’ve used my own Storify account:

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